Blitz Ultimate Cup APAC

Period 29.11.2022 - 30.11.2022
Applications 23.11.2022 06:30 - 23.11.2022 06:35
Matches 01.01.1970 01:00 - ?
Prize fund
Grand prize
Participation fee none
Teams (total/accepted/max) 0 / / 4
Players on the team 7 - 10


Matches results:
Grand Final
[-RN-] Rote Nova 3:5 [RISQ] Vengeance

Lower bracket final
[P-1] Revenant 2:4 [RISQ] Vengeance

Upper bracket Final
[-RN-] Rote Nova 4:0 [RISQ] Vengeance

Lower bracket First round
[P-1] Revenant 4:1 [-ID-] TEAM ID

Uppre bracket First round
[-ID-] TEAM ID 3:4 [-RN-] Rote Nova
[P-1] Revenant 2:4 [RISQ] Vengeance

Watch the tournament broadcasts on on November 29 and 30 at 12:00 CET and collect Lockbox Keys. Inside of Lockboxes you'll find useful resources and a chance to win rare vehicles: the Chimera, Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC, and WZ-122 TM!

Note: you receive a Lockbox in random or rating battles when you destroy two or more opponents in Tier IV–X vehicles from November 25 to December 5.

Warning! You will not receive rewards if you watch matches directly through YouTube or from Nintendo Switch. To receive rewards you need to watch broadcasts from your PC or mobile device in the tournament section of the portal

Tier: X.
The best 4 teams from the Professionals tournament Autumn Season 2022 will participate in this tournament.
Dates and time: November 29 and 30.
Start time: 12:00 CET.
System: Double Elimination, 4 teams, 1 group.
Control type: touch.
Battle type: Supremacy.

Battle format

November 29. The first upper bracket round, the first lower bracket round, the upper bracket final.
Two battles are held on the same map with the spawn point swapped after the first battle, then the map is changed. The format: Bo7 (up to 4 victories).

The first upper bracket round, 12:00 CET: Mayan Ruins, Canal, Yukon, Rockfield.
The first lower bracket round, 13:10 CET: Black Goldville, Naval Frontier, Normandy, Dynasty's Pearl.
The upper bracket final, 14:20 CET: Desert Sands, Molendijk, Faust, Castilla.

November 30. The Lower Bracket Final, and the Grand Final.
Start time: 12:10 CET.
The Lower Bracket Final will be held in the Bo7 format (up to 4 victories), the Grand Final will be in the Bo9 format (up to 5 victories).
Each battle is played on a new map, map and respawn on it will be determined by a draw.

Prize fund
I place – 25 000 $ to the Team and the unique logo for the clan of the team, 10 000 000 credits, 24 000 gold, 200 000 free XP, an avatar Defending Champion for each player in a team.
II place – 15 000 $ to the Team and the unique clan logo for the clan which is represented by the Team, 8 000 000 credits, 18 000 gold, 170 000 free XP for each player in a team.
III place – 7 000 $ to the Team and the unique clan logo for the clan which is represented by the Team, 7 000 000 credits, 14 000 gold, 130 000 free XP for each player in a team.
IV place – 3 000 $ to the Team, 6 000 000 credits, 12 000 gold, 100 000 free XP for each player in a team.