Quick Tournament #27 IX-X Autumn 2020

Period 13.11.2020 - 13.11.2020
Applications 13.11.2020 09:00 - 13.11.2020 21:30
Matches 01.01.1970 01:00 - ?
Prize fund
Grand prize
Participation fee none
Teams (total/accepted/max) 51 / / 512
Players on the team 7 - 9


Registration period – from 9:00 (CET) to 21:30 (CET) on the tournament day.
Tournament duration – from 15:00 (CET) to 22:00 (CET).

Registration type: non-clan

Matches format: Bo3 (until 2 wins).
Battles format: 7 vs. 7 (up to 2 reserve players can be added to each team). At least 5 players must press the “Ready!” button for the battle start.
Maximum rounds amount: 5
Attempts amount per player: 2
Available defeats amount per attempt: 2
Available pauses amount per attempt: 1
Pause duration: 15 minutes

The maps list for this tournament (battle type “Supremacy”):

Rockfield, Desert Sands, Middleburg, Mayan Ruins, Fort Despair, Oasis Palms, Black Goldville, Winter Malinovka. Castilla, Port Bay, Canal, Vineyards, Naval Frontier, Dynasty's Pearl, Alpenstadt, Faust, Normandy, New Bay, Hellas, Yukon.

Maps for each round are set randomly from the maps list which is presented above.

The rewarding:

The prize fund of this tournament is listed in the “Prizes” tab. The rewarding process can last for 2 days.
The reward is given out for the best result within each attempt. Rewards for the win rounds are not added up.